UMMOA-GEO can now accept Bitcoin donations or payments

Having a passcard at, the HMRD Cesidio Tallini, also known as "BCT", can now accept Bitcoin donations for UMMOA-GEO and/or UMMOA institutions.

More can be said. BCT will soon have 1.1224 Bitcoin (BTC) in his wallet (about 327 USD worth of Bitcoin), and that total will increase over time because he has opted in to a small weekly Bitcoin buying program.

In August 2014 the UMMOA Treasury recognised the BTC cryptocurrency, even though it did not immediately plan to invest in Bitcoin either for its own benefit as an institution — the UMMOA Treasury is a small precious metals reserve — or for the benefit of UMMOA Nationals — the UMMOA Treasury is also a small holding company for socially beneficial, and/or human rights purposes. However, if you are thinking that there are more considerations here than just wild speculation, you are right.

The UMMOA Treasury has noticed that oil prices have slided to a new low with the Iran nuclear deal, so it doesn't seem to make sense to invest in oil anymore. Moreover, gold and silver prices are still too high for anything more than small, or personal use purchases.

As a listing at the world's first intermicronational market shows, a listing at the GEOGERE (pronounced "GEO-Gear"), because of the Intermicronational Declaration, Certification, and Securitisation of Human Rights (IDCSHR), we cannot vouch for any person who claims to be a micronationalist, but we can certify that each UMMOA Nationalist is a real person, since the UMMOA purchases one ounce troy of fine silver for each new UMMOA National.

Currently the UMMOA Treasury Security Safe has 81.1 Oz of fine silver (81.1 XAG), with the approximate value of $1532, so the UMMOA Treasury already secures the real human rights of each Ummoagian with 1 Oz of fine silver, and BCT's real human rights with 14.1 Oz of fine silver — about $266 worth of fine silver. So yes, the UMMOA Treasury does purchase fine silver from time to time, but only for this reason. Other governments may exist solely for profit-seeking purposes, and/or solely to support some anti-societalistic religious (eg, Saudi Arabia or the Vatican), financial (eg, the US or UK), or political (eg, Russia or China) oligarchy. Not the UMMOA-GEO Nation-State, and we can prove it! Don't invest in those Divi filius wannabes, those "sons of immodest women"! We are the first No-BS Nation-State in existence. Everybody else still has to prove they are little more than Satanic worshippers!

Well, seeing that now seems to be just the right moment to invest in freedom-producing technology, it also makes sense to invest in both Bitcoin (BTC), and in a highly credible Nation-State which accepts the cryptocurrency, and even plans to back each National with both 1 Oz of fine silver, and at least the BTC equivalent value. It will take more than a year to secure the real human rights of each Ummoagian this way, but we are patient, because we definitely are not some front for international banksters, or for "Dottor Evil"-like billionaires, and we can prove it, folks!

HMRD Cesidio Tallini's passcard — registered via

UMMOA Treasury

UMMOA Treasury recognises BTC cryptocurrency

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Intermicronational Declaration, Certification, and Securitisation of Human Rights (IDCSHR)
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