Ummoagians are the wealthiest micronationalists per capita by far

Yes, the global decrease in oil prices that started in the summer of 2014, has led to cancellation of a total of 46 large-scale oil and gas projects all over the world, according to Sputnik [1].

Yes, the price of silver keeps falling.

However, the UMMOA Treasury has accumulated 1.2307 in Bitcoin so far (about 355 USD worth); the price of Bitcoin is stable, and likely to increase as Bitcoin blockchain technology is used in more and more applications; and the UMMOA Treasury continues to buy Bitcoin in a weekly buying program.

Moreover, the price of the UMMOA shares of N1 Technologies Inc (NTCHF), formerly Kilimanjaro Capital Ltd  until February 2015, have shot back up.

All told, Ummoagians are worth about 457 USD each, and that is the UMMOA National portion of their net worth only!

UMMOA Treasury

UMMOA Treasury recognises BTC cryptocurrency

GEO Gift Economy Registry and Exchange (GEOGERE)

Intermicronational Declaration, Certification, and Securitisation of Human Rights (IDCSHR)
HMRD Cesidio Tallini [2, 3]
UMMOA Treasury